Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June Goals revisited!

1. catch up on my scrapping goal for the year...I need to do 88 LO's to get to my mid point on LO's for the year. I WILL do this with the retreat!!
I got 52 LO's done...so i am getting there.

2. Get everything sold or given away that i have extra!
I got rid of some and will hold the rest for scrapbook club

3. Make 20 cards, including ones for MIL birthday gift.
I got 11 done

4. order more pictures!! Darn Walgreens is giving me issues, everytime i try to upload, it shuts down my internet explorer. Lady at the store said i am not the only 1 to complain! no change, could not get it to work

5. Finish packing stuff for retreat trip! Make sure i have everything!!
I got this done, retreat is over and i had WAY too much stuff!!