Sunday, June 21, 2009

June09 Card #9-11 & LO #14-17

This is made with a die cut from a swap that i was in. The ribbon is cool clear plastic ribbon i got from another person in a different swap.

These are 2 cards i made with playing cards that have letters on them. I think they look cute! So simple too!

This is for a challenge...use orange on the LO, use a 6" and a 3" square and i think the last one was use circles...I got all 3 in mine. The pic does not show well, but the color is orange and peach. This is not fully done as i do not know what i am going to use it for. Will finish embellishing it at that time!!

These 2 pages were put together with a Page Kit that someone else made me. I really wanted to get it on paper, so i finally did. Yet another set of pages without pics yet. I will finish it when i know what is going on them!!


skertso said...

Love your work! The card you made from the swap shape is great. I haven't used that particular shape piece yet so looking at your card has prompted me to use it.

Denice aka Dedelicious said...

Alicia, I love the cards! So perfect, anyone would love getting them.