Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April 2009 Cards #1-6

#1-2 - This is a set of cards that i made for a PIF. I love these little stamps. I really like how these 2 came out. I may make some more for myself!

#3 - This is also with the card PIF. I got these stamps from an art auction at my dd's school a few weeks back. I was so excited to win this. The little box says Happy Birthday.

#4-6 - These are for a swap and also the PIF. I made them all the same. The swap will get them blank and the PIF will have happy birthday inside them.

April 2009 LO#2-4

These were very quick LO's. The Titles on both were made by my friend Janice. She does such great work. I got these as PIF's and just love them! I really love how the blue and red one came out!!

This LO is for a challenge. We got points for tons of different parts on this. The picture is of dd at a local event. She got to put on the helmet and hold a shield for the SWAT team, in front of the vehicle.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April 2009 LO#1

This is my 1st LO of April. It is ds's 1st trip to church after he was born. This pic is with the pastor holding him introducing him. The papers and the flowers are from a swap that i just recently did. I loved the colors and the papers. I had it sit here for a while trying to figure out the title. I decided on these sticker letters. The colors on them went really well with the paisley paper. Then to figure out how they would be seen. The opaque paper worked great for this. It also allows the pattern paper to show through too.

Monday, April 6, 2009

My Stamp storage!!

This is the cabinets that i have had for months and months. They were bought of Craigslist and they were missing the bottoms. I have been waiting on dh to get wood and cut it. Since it was not happening, i went to Lowes and bought the wood and had them cut it!! I finally got it put together!! YEAH!! I did find out that this is the cheapest, junkiest wood you could find!! LOL!! BUT it is exactly what i was looking for. These are 2 cabinets on top of each other!! I need to reorganize again and then tag the outside of the drawers so i know where everything is!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Goals for April 2009

Here we go again!!

1. 30 LO's
2. 18 Cards
3. Alter something
4. Send out all the cards i need to (including belated!)
5. Try to sell off some more stuff!!
6. Get working with my digi stuff!!

I think i can do this, this time!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

March goals revisited!

Here are my goals for this month. Let's see what i accomplish this month. The last 2 have not been too good!!
1. 31 LO'sgy NOPE only 13 done
2. 25 cards NOPE only 14 done
3. Try something new NOPE NOT at all
4. finish organizing, keep straightened Almost my wood, now to put the cabinets together
5. Sell or get rid of all the rest of my scrap stuff!! NOPE...none at all!

WOW this was a bad month, but looking back, it is better than most March months for me!! Last year i did 0 LO's!!