Monday, February 25, 2008

My attempt at Pinwheels!!

This is my attempt at making these. I think they came out cute. I did not know what size to make, so it took a couple times to figure it out. A little bigger is easier to work with!!

LO# 25-26

These are LO #25 and #26
#25 - This is Abby's page of playing in the snow with her sister. This was the 1st good snow.
#26 - This is Alivia's page of playing in the snow. The snowman, tree's and snowflake are altered diecuts made by a friend of mine.

LO #20-24

Here are more LO's that i have done lately. I am having fun getting these done and getting closer to being caught up. It is going to take a long to get there though!! I am years behind!! LOL!

LO#20 - Alivia's winter program at school, page 1
LO#21 - Winter program page 2 - her friends
LO#22 - Abby's friend b-day party, page 1, the party, cake and presents
LO#23 - Party page 2, Cheerleading instruction
LO#24 - Party page 3, Abby being cute!

Challenge: Post 1st pages you made...

This is a cool challenge to me. I thought it was a great idea to look back on where we started. Here are a few pages that i did in my 1st album!! Talk about basic!! I would not change them now though. I like to see how things have progressed!!

Digital LO's!!

This is something fairly new for me. I have just learned how to save them to jpg format and now can post some of them!

Here are a couple i did this weekend! They were for online challenges.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


These are my LO's #17-19.

#17 - This is page 1 of 2. This is Alivia's Daisy Troop working on their Try-It for Bridging to Brownies. This was in April 2006.
#18 - This is page 2 of 2. The little girl with the arrow is Alivia. The only picture she got in!
#19 - This is Abby with the snowman she made. She used sticks to make hair for it! The title says "Snowmen fall from Heaven unassembled" I got this from a friend on a scrapbooking group. I loved it and knew it had to go with these pictures!! This is Dec 2007.

Monday, February 11, 2008


#16 - This is a layout for a challenge of Me and my Hubby. A love layout. I am waiting on this picture also!!

FEB LO's #11-15

These are some of my recent LO's. I did these on Friday the 8th.

#11 - Messy Micah, Just cute pictures of Micah after eating.
#12 - This pink and Brown LO is for a challenge on my group. I had to use 2 pattern papers, 4 brads(1 butterfly and 3 dragonflies) and 8+" of ribbon. The 2 pieces are more than 8 inches.

#13 - Abby and Savannah. This is a good friend of hers from Preschool. These are strips of papers cut to look like ribbons.
#14 - Micah playing outside last summer! Loved this LO and the colors.

#15 - This is for a challenge that was to use RED & PINK in a layout. I love how it came out.

I have some pictures on order that are in the mail. I can not wait to get them and put them on these layouts!!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

LO #10 - Challenge #1- SSA group

Challenges # 1

What is the brand of paper that you “love” the most? With this in mind make a layout using at least 4 different papers from this brand. You will also need to have the following on the layout: The paper is from Fancy Pants, Key Lime collection. The 4th is the mat.

4 Prima’s or other brand of flowers There are 4 flowers on the photo mat. They are Primas.

10 brads or eyelets There are 10 brads. There are 5 butterfly ones and 5 jeweled ones.

1 paper piecing or multi part die-cut I used a tear bear on this. It was made for me.

At least 8 inches of ribbon There are 12+ inches of ribbon across the bottom.

LO's #5-9 for February

These are some more of my 10 i did today (Friday).
#5&6. These are for pictures of my little boy playing in the snow. I printed them and they did not print well. Will have to send out for them to be printed.

These next ones are of me.
#7. This is me visiting Santa. There is no date on the picture. I am guessing i was about 4 1/2.

#8. This is me on Christmas Eve, 1973. I was 2 1/2 yrs old.

#9. This is a picture of me with all my siblings. This is Christmas Eve, 1972. I was 1 1/2 yrs old.

I had fun using some paper from MME, Bohemia Christmas. 7, 8, &9 are from the Believe collection. #5&6 are from the Merry collection.

Friday, February 1, 2008

LO's #1-4 for February

February is starting off good!! I got 10 LO's done today!! I got 2 done for Challenges too.

#1. This is a Challenge LO for Sparkpeople, Scrap to Lose group. We had to use our favorite color. My color choice was red. I decided to put this page kit that i made a long time ago together on a page.

#2. This is my 1st day of Kindergarten. It is the only picture I have of a 1st day of school until later in elementary school.

#3. This is my brother Brian and I after we made a snowman. This was when I was about 1 1/2 years old.

#4. This is Me at 2 1/2 yrs old visiting Santa. I decided on the colors from the flowered pants that i was wearing. I love that they have the Christmas paper in these retro colors. Great timing for pictures of me back then!!