Friday, August 28, 2009

Aug09 LO's #20-21

This is done with a page kit from a friend on SSA yahoo group! Thanks so much. It is such different colors, red, pink and gray. Love to have something different!!!

Aug09 LO's #16-19

Yes, it is that time again...Speed scrap time. This is the LO we did tonight. I am really liking these. The LO's are all coming out so nicely!!

Christmas Eve LO and the next 2 are Christmas morning!!

AUG09 LO's #13-15

These are 3 LO's, 1 for each of my kids. Every Christmas we do a Birthday cake for Jesus and the kids decorate it by themself (except for the writing).

Aug09 LO's 8-12

Speed scrap from today. I LOVE THIS ONE!!! I did skip the last instruction though. Did not think it needed it!

This is the parade that the girl scouts marched in for Christmas. it was Very cold!!

These are the 3 opposite pages for the speed scrap from last week! I had fun finally getting these geese pictures on a LO!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Aug09 LO's #5-7

This is from a speed scrap to night on my online crop. I did the top 2 and Alivia, my almost 10yo did the 3rd one.
1. pick 1 picture
2. 5 papers, 1 of which is pattern for background
3. cut other 4 into strips, 2 thin, 2 thicker
4. place behind photo
5. add ribbon, staples, tag and button
6. add title
7. add date and journaling

Cards09 #35-42

This is a set for a cricut cut card swap. I hope they like it. I got these die cuts from another group swap. How convenient!!

Aug09 LO's #1-4

Well darn, all the pics are sideways. I am going to leave them. Too late to switch them tonight.
These are 4 LO's i have done in the last couple days. The top is done with CTMH Moon Doggie paper and Tropical Christmas stamp. I love how it came out since the paper was not Christmas!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Party items i made

This is a pail and candies i did for the party. I decided after i did the candy to hand out when they gave me their info, that i needed something to hold it in. SO, this is what i came up with. The ladies loved the candy and the stamped wrappers!

Aug09 cards #31-34

The 2 top cards are ones that i made for my party. The top one i gave to my hostess for a gift! I love the 2nd one with the owl! I am happy how it came out.

This is a card that i made for a challenge on stamp ohio yahoo group. It was to use 5 die cuts, 3 embellishments, ribbon and cardstock. Love how it came out. It will be used for one of my kids teachers this year!!

Last card i made, I forgot to get a picture of. It was the one that i had prepared for the ladies to make at the party. I gave this to the hostess also!! again, i used the owl stamp!

Friday, August 14, 2009

CTMH gathering and gifts!!

Last week i decided to start selling CTMH stamps and supplies. I did not realize that my 1st party would come so soon. I have it on Aug 18th. NEXT WEEK!! Anyways, I have been trying to get stuff together to give away.

This bagalope is for the gift for my hostess!! It is made with Animal Crackers paper and white ribbon from CTMH! I am going to put a little gift in it for her!

These are post it note holders. made with CTMH paper and stamps. They turned out really cute!! I am going to put my name and # and email inside for them to remember me by. This will go to people that book a party! I hope they like them too!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

August Goals

These goals will be a little different...

1. 15 LO's done

2. 40 cards made

3. Order pictures

4. Have my 1st CTMH gathering and make some $$

5. clean up my scrap area, go through paper again and see what i need to get rid of or use for SB club!!

July Goals revisited

Here is what my plans WERE for July...

1. Get my swap pages done and in the mail DONE and MAILED

2. Get caught up on my LO's to finish my yearly goal...I need to do at least 32 this month...If i do 56, then i will only need to do 25 a month the rest of the year. If i do the 32, then i will need to do 32 each month instead. 28 LO's

3. I would like to do 20 cards this month, for swaps and myself. 39 cards!!

4. I would love to completely clean up my space and find EVERYTHING a home!! well, it was cleaned a mostly at 1 point, but not anymore!! LOL!

5. Order more pictures from Walgreens, even if i have to load them on my card and do it at the store!! NOPE, NONE ORDERED!

6. Start my 1st Digital scrapbook. It will be of my retreat!! NOPE, not even opened PSE7

well, try again this month!! LOL! it is already the 13th!!

July09 Cards #21-39 and Aug09 cards #1-30

This card is for a card swap. I decided to try inches!! Love this card!!

This is for a die cut card swap. Just realized i need another set for this swap. guess i better get cutting!!

These are Christmas cards for a swap. What do you think of the PINK Christmas cards? I loved how they came out!! I used this stamp last year a lot and I still love the little chick!!