Friday, September 19, 2008

Altered Clipboard

This is a Clipboard that i made for myself. This is for shopping. I saw a lady at the store the other day with a plain one with her list and coupons under the clip. I decided that this was my new MUST HAVE. Only, i had to have mine decorated!! it says "To Market, To Market" on it. I love how it came out and can not wait to go shopping!!

Sept LO #9

This is a LO with the same pictures and some more from a nature hike we went on. This is a LO for my album.

2 sets of Christmas Cards

I got these card ideas from SheetLoad of Cards Blog. I loved this LO and it was so simple to make these. I am going to make some more too!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Handmade Christmas Gifts

This is try #1. I started this 3 years ago when i learned how to knit. I did a really bad job. I just finished it recently. As you can see it gets better as i go along to the top of it!!

These are #2 and #3. I did them each in about a week in spare time waiting for the kids at school, karate class and such. I got a lot better!! I have a few more to make!!!

I am going to be giving these for Christmas gifts this year to a few people!! Hope they like them!

ps. If you don't know, can't tell...they are kitchen wash cloths!!

Sept LO#6-8 and challenges

This LO is for the 52 in 52 sketch challenge on SSA...for Aug 17-23. I am late on thes, but thought i might as well get more done!!
This is a LO of me on Easter 1972. I noticed that I had 2 Easters before my 1st birthday!! How COOL is that!!! My b-day is April 7. In 1971 it was on April 11th and in 1972 it was on April 2nd.

These pictures are of my 1st birthday. The LO is from the 52 in 52 challenge also on SSA. This was for July 13-19. I took the LO and did it like the example and made smaller LO's inside the big LO. I Like this LO and hope to try it again on the larger scale!!

Sept LO #3-5

These 2 LO's are each for a child of mine. The 3rd is in a previous post. There is a different ribbon on these and 1 less picture. I love how these turned out!!

This LO was supposed to be for the SP S2L Layout contest. I just did not get it sent in to Vi in time!! So, there is another LO done...Now to find pictures!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sept LO#2 and 3pm challenge

This is my challenge LO for an online crop. It was to use Fall leaves. I am going to make a different one for another online crop as i needed to post this for the one i am doing today!!

Online Crops Challenges 1 & 2

This Is Challenge #1 - Use stickers on LO or card. The word and the Flower are stickers from EK success, Inspirables. This was just a simple card i made with a scrap from my LO. I used the same green for the title below.

This is Challenge #2 - 1,2,3 4,5
1 color, 2 words in title, 3 ribbons, 4 brads, and 5 flowers

Aug LO #40-43

This is a LO from the touch a truck event. I liked the picture too much to scrap it with the others. The paisley paper is velvety.

These 3 LO's are going with the other 3 from this event. There is 1 for each of my kids. Love the paper piecings that i got from other people. I have never tried them yet!!