Wednesday, June 3, 2009

June Goals!

Wow, i can not believe it is June already! I guess i need to make June goals since i did not make any for May!!

Here is what i am going to do!!

1. catch up on my scrapping goal for the year...I need to do 88 LO's to get to my mid point on LO's for the year. I WILL do this with the retreat!!
Yeah, I am getting there, 17 done so far and not even to the retreat yet!!

2. Get everything sold or given away that i have extra!

3. Make 20 cards, including ones for MIL birthday gift.
I have 11 of these done too!! MIL ones i just picked from the ones i already had made!

4. order more pictures!! Darn Walgreens is giving me issues, everytime i try to upload, it shuts down my internet explorer. Lady at the store said i am not the only 1 to complain!

5. Finish packing stuff for retreat trip! Make sure i have everything!!

That should be good for 1 month! LOL!!


Pam said...

You go, girl!! You can do it!!

Tracy said...

Great goals- you can do it!!!