Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July Goals

Here is what my plans are for July...

1. Get my swap pages done and in the mail Done but not in the mail yet!

2. Get caught up on my LO's to finish my yearly goal...I need to do at least 32 this month...If i do 56, then i will only need to do 25 a month the rest of the year. If i do the 32, then i will need to do 32 each month instead. I am up to 28 LO's so far!

3. I would like to do 20 cards this month, for swaps and myself. I am up to 20 so far!

4. I would love to completely clean up my space and find EVERYTHING a home!!

5. Order more pictures from Walgreens, even if i have to load them on my card and do it at the store!!

6. Start my 1st Digital scrapbook. It will be of my retreat!!

I think that is enough for now!!


Michele said...

Let me know if you need any help with the digi one. I am more than willing to talk you through it on the phone or even send you the tutorial I used. :-) Oh and I still need to find that book printing site. Maybe tomorrow!