Monday, December 29, 2008

Dec LO #7-9

These are LO's of me from my 1st communion when i was 8. It is fun to go back and do some of me as a kid!! The cards were priced 50 cents and 60 cents! I can't imagine!

How is this one?? added to LO

Dh did not think that this LO was "finished" looking and suggested adding to it. I added 2 flourishes and added a little stickles. I am happy that he did. I think it looks good now.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dec LO #4-6

#1 - This is DD when she was in 3yo preschool in 2005. I loved these picture. So glad to have them on pages finally!!
#2 - Same DD in 1st Grade this year. How they grow!!
#3 - Oldest DD this year in 3rd grade!! The background of the photo is supposed to be more purple, but did not come out that way. I still used purple embellishments though!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

what do you think??

I am trying to figure this out. I am not totally sure about this LO. IT is 4x5 for a card.

Let me know. sorry, it will only let me put in this size...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Manger Invasion!!

This is my cat, Linus....He has decided that sleeping in the Manger scene is a good place!! It is so funny, he will actually move the people out of the way. They are little stuffed figures that the kids can play with. I can not believe he has invaded it!! These should be fun to scrap!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Tin with Cards, my MIL Christmas gift

This is what i altered for my MIL. I made cards for her to use and put them inside. I really hope she likes it and will use it. I am so happy with how it came out, as i took a long time to figure out what paper to use for it!!

And yet some more cards i forgot i made!!

These are more cards that i made from 1/2 finished cards from years ago. They just had a piece or 2 of paper on them. I added the stamped images to finish them off.
Thanks to the people that were in my stamped image swap and Lisha for these images i used.

Now, just to get them written out and sent!! LOL!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Another Card!

This is another card for my MIL's gift of cards for her to use. This is one of the items i am sending for Christmas!! I need to get the tin altered so i can send it!! I did the blue with my cuttlebug embossing folder and the cupcake with doodlecharms on my cricut.

Dec LO #1-3

Well, I am almost to my goal for the year of 250 LO's done. I have to go back and add up, but i think after these i have 3 more to do!! Yeah!!
The top is ds's 1st trip to the dentist. Thank you Kristy for doing the page kit...Can you believe she did the mouth by hand!! great work!
The other 2 LO's are of me when i was little!! What fun doing these of me!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

3 more cards...

These are a few cards i threw together. I used my friends stamps and stamped a ton and then brought them home and colored them!! I really need to be getting some LO's done!!

Jean Purse for gift...

This is a gift for my dd's friends B-day party. We realized that we had 2 hours before the party. We saw these purses today at an art gallery. I think it turned out so cute!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A bunch of cards...

I finally have my computer mostly working. Here are a bunch of cards i made. A lot of the stamps are ones that i did at my friend, Lisha's house (thanks Lisha for sharing!). I stamped a ton of images while visiting and colored them for my cards. I love the Christmas Owl and my absolute favorite is the elephant!! I think it came out just so cute!!!

The embossing on these few are ones i did by hand with fiskers plate and an embossing tool. I have since bought a Cuttlebug, but have not made any cards with it yet!!

Check these out!! Let me know what you think!

NOV LO #1-2

This is a LO of me. I did this one for a challenge to use buttons on the LO. The flowers around the purple circle are buttons.

This is a LO of my when i was 5 yrs old. I was all bundled up to go outside. I think it was before going to school.