Thursday, January 31, 2008

New challenge...

This challenge is for Sparkpeople-scrap to lose. I have to do a LO based on my favorite color or colors. I love red and purple. Have not decided if i should do them together or just 2 separate LO's. I have a red on in mind. I will have to see what i do. I am going to work on them tomorrow. I have a feeling that it is going to be a cold rainy freezing kind of day. Just the kind to stay in and get things done!

We will see. Will post layouts tomorrow that i get done tomorrow!!

Digital Scrapping!!!

Well, I have decided to venture into digital scrapbooking! I have been downloading kits all day that are freebies all over the web! I can not wait to start. I think i am going to try Pageplus9 and see how it works!

Well, back to finding stuff!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

More from Jan 29,08

These are a few more that i did today.
LO#43- This is Micah last summer. He had a great time playing outside in the grass and loved to pick dandelions.
LO#44- This is my cat Siam that i had while i was growing up. He was a lilac point Siamese.
LO#45- This is Micah's 1yr photo. I used a sketch from someone else on a yahoo group i am on and changed it up a little.

Thanks for looking again!

LO #38 - This is a layout from a challenge that i used the same sketch for many layouts. I could not find any photos for it yet, will have to take some on Valentine's Day.
LO#39 - The last of the challenge #5 layouts. These are flowers from our 1st house in KS. This was almost 6 years ago. That tells you have far behind I am!!
LO#40&#41 - This is Lazy 5 ranch in NC. We went a few times. You drive through and the animals just come up to the car. It is a lot of fun. This was May 2006.
LO#41 - This is Abby's preschool class in NC.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Nothing today...

Well, not a thing done today! I did not feel well. Did not even take pictures of last nights layouts. I will get them on here tomorrow!!

I did have 1 revelation...If i do 40 layouts again next month and keep it going, i will have 480 pages done this year!! That would be great. I may even be able to catch up with my kids stuff!!

We will see!!

Scrapped tonight....

Well, I only got 2 pages done tonight. BUT i did get a swap done. I made 7 matchbooks. I really like how they came out! I also got stuff out for a 2 page spread. Now i am tired and need to go to bed. Going to take pictures and post tomorrow!!

Good Night!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Yeah, I am scrappin tonight with a couple friends. I do not get to do this too often. They are coming to my house, so it makes it easier. I am hoping to get a bunch of pages done!! I would love to see 10 pages done tonight. A big goal, but i think i can do it in 5 hours.

My bigger thing will be to not eat too much of the bad stuff!! Since losing weight, the cravings of this when i work has been good. I bought some stuff for tonight that should not be too bad!! THINK WATER!! LOL!!


Saturday, January 26, 2008

Challenge Layouts....

These are some layouts that I have been working on today for a Challenge. The challenge was to pick out paper in sets that match according to what color you would be if you were a crayon, your favorite shirt or outfit and your favorite vacation spot. The 3 things i picked were purple for favorite color, red for my favorite shirt and flowered for my vacation spot.

We were to use 1 sketch for at least 6 layouts. We were to make kits that we could use later to make pages.

I have done 7 layouts with the sketch that I choose from It was a round map that i just put on a 12x12 page background. I plan on doing at least 2 if not 3 more. That will be 10 pages just today!! I think i like this. I have used it for things that are for all 3 of my kids and different years, so they will not be in the albums together!!

I plan on trying this again soon!! Thanks Marlene for the idea and challenge!!

This is my 1st post in this new blog. I have decided that I need a place to keep my scrapping stuff. I would love to share more and decided this is the best way. I hope you enjoy my work. These are a few of my recent ones. I am in a challenge to do 31 LO's in January. That is equal to 1 a day. I am at 30 LO's and hope to get more done this weekend, as I am having people over to scrap on Sunday night. My goal for the year is 250 pages, only 220 to go!!

The albums that i am focusing on are 1 for each of my kids and an album of my baby/childhood pictures.

Thanks for looking!!