Friday, February 27, 2009

Feb Cards #5-14

This is a set of 5 cards that i made. 1 had to be different as i could not cut all the paper the same. I love how this came out. I have had the vellum for a long time and could never find a use, I did today!! Hope everyone likes them in the swap!!
This is another set of 5 cards i made today. These were just blank cards. Boy, i thought blank would be easy, but NOPE. These took me the longest to think up!!
Hope the people in this swap like them!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Fiber Organization

This is a bunch of little tubes that a friend gave me a long time ago. I have been putting my fibers in them little by little. The organizational challenges that i am doing with a couple groups made me finish them. My dd has been helping me. I put in a ton and then the rest of the yarn goes to my girls for knitting. I have way too much fibers!! LOL!!

Part of my V-day gift...

From my partner on SP group. She sent it all in a photo box...what a great idea. This was so much better than the one i had, so i changed it out right away. This is the 1 that holds the photos i am currently working on. The second pic is a little pencil holder that she sent me. I immediately put my new colored pencils in it. Is is so cute!! Thanks Vi for such great stuff. Also with this she sent, V-day socks, a v-day mug, candy, suckers, bling for scrapbooking, and probably a few things i have forgotten!!

Feb09 LO #1-2

These are 2 pages that i have been waiting to do. I had no burgandy paper to use with the pics. The other day, i finally picked some up! I paid $2 for an 8.5x11 sheet of velvety paper that worked perfect with the chair in the pic!! I love how they came out! These still need dates, but not sure when they are from, gonna have to guess!!

Feb Cards #1-4

This 1st card is the one i made for DH for Valentines day. The other 3 are for a friend that got a PIF from me. She asked for 4 Sympathy cards. These are 3 of the 4. I still have 1 more to do. I am having so much fun with cards lately.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Feb Goals...

Here we go...a few days late...

1. 25 Lo's done, 5 done
2. 18 Cards made, 14 done
3. Try something new, make something new
4. get my stamp storage finished NOPE!!
5. sell more of my stuff or give it away!! sold $43.50 worth so far
6. Keep the area relatively cleaned up!! NOT too good, but not too bad either!!

I think that is enough for now!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Jan Goals revisted

1. Do at least 10 LO's this week. did none
2. Make at least 10 cards. did 2
3. Re-straighten my scrap area. got a little done and then messed it up again!!
4. Buy the rest of the albums that i need to get all finished pages into albums. nope! not yet!
5. Try to make something that i have never tried before! not this either!! 

Okay, well, I ended up getting 26 LO's and 18 cards done!
I bought all but 1 album that i need.  Now i need 2 more.
I got all my area straightened.

The only think i did not do was #5!  I am going to carry that one on!!