Thursday, January 21, 2010

more progress made

I have gotten 3 of the 4 walls painted so far. I will be trying to get a lot of the last one done tomorrow, friday. i am loving the color. Look up there to the left of my desk....DH gave me the tv that he got for Christmas. He decided that it was not used enough in our bedroom and put it there for me as a surprise!! WWOOHOO!! He is also going to get me a cord to hook my computer to my tv!!

This is on the other side of my work table. i have my paper racks, the wood drawers and 1 plastic drawer is stamps. my ribbon jars are on top of the wood drawers for now.
Three of my shelving units that will hold my supplies. the wood cabinet is going to be sold or given away.
My sewing desk corner. things on the white cabinets will be moved to another place.
another shelving unit next to the sewing desk. I need to rearrange all the supplies that i have!!


Kay aka kdedid said...

yea for progress! It is looking great!

Denice aka Dedelicious said...

Love the color and the transformation! It's coming along great!