Monday, January 19, 2009

Paper organization...

These are my mat stacks and small pads of paper. This little bin sits under my table in arms reach.
This is my non-Bazzill cardstock that is 8.5x11 or smaller. It is in a drawer in my filing cabinet that is part of a desk behind my scrap area. These are set up by color.
This is my Bazzill that is any size and non-bazzill that is 12x12. This is a file box that i have sitting under the desk behind me. I am finding now that i moved it here, i am using it a lot more. I also too all the 8.5x5.5 Bazzill out of the packaging and am using it a ton more!! These are by color also.
This is my 12x12 pattern paper that is set up my theme. I have Christmas, Snow/winter, Girls, Boys, Halloween, Easter/spring, Summer, sports, school, girl scouts and such.
These hold my DCWV stacks that i have taken out of the stacks. 1 is Christmas, another is misc and the 3rd holds the little folders by manufacturer of things that do not have themes.
This is my favorite spot. These are my scraps. I have them by color in shoe box size storage containers!! It is great to have them like this. My kids even use these with ease. Anything, patterned or cardstock goes in these. If it is small enough to fit and is not specifically a smaller size such as 6x6 or 8x8, it goes in!!


Kay aka kdedid said...

You have been busy! I had to put away everything I toted off for the weekend crop. Swearing under my breath the whole time that I would not do another one! It takes me so long to pack and unpack. I think with my room, I'd just rather scrap there unless of course it was with 11 of my BFF's.