Friday, January 2, 2009

Organization Challenge --BEFORE

WOW, I did not realize just what a mess my desk was! I mean, i know there was a bit of stuff on it, but it was disorganized and really don't know if i could have found what was under it all!! Here are a few before pictures that i took last night...
This is an overview of my whole spot on my table.

This is my normal work space...not much left to actually work on.
This is a lot of extra stuff just sitting around on the needs to get put away!
This is the view of the can not actually get a chair under the table...need to find new homes for this!!

Okay, this is more under my table and to my right. You just can not really move around once you are in the chair!! More that needs to find a new home!


Michele said...

Boy that looks like my table right now!!! it has never been this bad before, but it is really bad right now! lol