Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Stupid me!!

I tried to change my template and lost all my links!!  What to do, what to do??  Now i need to find them all again!  This just sucks!!

All that on top of my computer having a virus and being unusable for a while!  This is just not going well.

I can not post anything new as i can not upload my pics yet.  I have not access to the ones on my computer either!!

Well, guess i better quit messing around!!



Denice aka Dedelicious said...

Hey...that's not stupid, I'm joining the ranks with you! I tried to change my template and lost the entire right side of my blog! I had to make a new blog 'cause I couldn't figure out how to get it back....I was not LOL! I never thought of myself as blog-challenged until the past couple of days! Here's my new address...probably the only one you need! LOL!