Monday, January 28, 2008

Nothing today...

Well, not a thing done today! I did not feel well. Did not even take pictures of last nights layouts. I will get them on here tomorrow!!

I did have 1 revelation...If i do 40 layouts again next month and keep it going, i will have 480 pages done this year!! That would be great. I may even be able to catch up with my kids stuff!!

We will see!!


kimB said...

Wow, Alicia - you're on a roll, Hon! All of your pages are great and I like how you can use the same page design for various LOs and still have it come out looking new and different :)

I admire the way you can put together so many page in a small amount of time and still pay attention to details. I haven't made any pages for myself for five or six months, but when I do, it takes me several hours (or longer) just to put one LO together. Embarrassing, huh?

I like how your blog is set up, too and wanted to share that my craft blog is this same green template! Creative minds think alike ;)!

Thanks for sharing and keep posting, Hon!

Love in Christ - kim (from Scrappin Sisters)

Dawn said...

Wow, great job, Alicia! I thought I was doing ok on pages so far this year till I saw how many you have done. (I've only done 20 so far.)