Saturday, January 26, 2008

Challenge Layouts....

These are some layouts that I have been working on today for a Challenge. The challenge was to pick out paper in sets that match according to what color you would be if you were a crayon, your favorite shirt or outfit and your favorite vacation spot. The 3 things i picked were purple for favorite color, red for my favorite shirt and flowered for my vacation spot.

We were to use 1 sketch for at least 6 layouts. We were to make kits that we could use later to make pages.

I have done 7 layouts with the sketch that I choose from It was a round map that i just put on a 12x12 page background. I plan on doing at least 2 if not 3 more. That will be 10 pages just today!! I think i like this. I have used it for things that are for all 3 of my kids and different years, so they will not be in the albums together!!

I plan on trying this again soon!! Thanks Marlene for the idea and challenge!!