Tuesday, April 6, 2010

2010 LO's #58-79

This still needs a title. This is the playroom in our last house in NC. I am sure it is gone, but i loved painting it and having this room for the kids.

This is the same pics different LO. I need a title for this one too.
This needs a title too!! LOL!! This is when the girls decided they wanted their hair cut shoulder length. How cute they looked!!
Abby's 1st dance class. Tear bear made by a friend of mine. She is so talented!! I added the little flower and how cute it made her look!!
These were little frogs that grew in the rain water in a deflated blow-up pool. There were tons of them running around the backyard. The girls had made these bug boxes and put them in it. When i saw this paper, I knew it was perfect for these pictures!!
Stamping the title in 2 colors. not something i do often, but from the looks of it, i should!!
Picture of me and relatives at Christmas in 1978. i love doing these older pictures!
Again, picture of me. This was Gates Chili Parade for town soccer.
This is using E-cuts. I also used my new Crop-a-dile.
This was a super cute picture of Abby playing Mary at home. It is impossible to see in the paper, but it is the Story of the birth of Jesus. Right above the pic is a line that is perfect for the picture.

These 2 pictures are of Winter program. The shoe picture is of Alivia's 1st heals!
LOL!! This is from when i was pumping breast milk because Micah could not nurse. I was eating a lot of spinach dip and did not realize that it would do this!! Green Milk!!
Girl scout Christmas parade. This is using Girl scout paper.
This is another one where I did the title with different things. I had this die cut that said girl. I then stamped the word Pretty.

Pics of Micah. I love this paper. it is double sided and I only had this 1 design. I love this color combination too for boys!!

Upward cheerleading!! What fun they had. I used cricut to cut the pom poms and megaphones for the pages.
OOPS... sideways. I need to finish this page, but not sure what i am going to do.
I need a title on this. These are his spring preschool pics. I am thinking that i may do a monogram letter M on the top right corner?? This is another paper I really liked. I bought it in PA last June! Boy it took me a while to use it!! LOL!!


Pam said...

Wow- you've been busy!!! Great layouts! Keep up the great work!

Scrappinaway said...

Pam, these were from the day at Tracy's crop! I was very busy that day!!

Michele said...

Great pages!!! You did excellent on them! That playroom was amazing!!! WTG!

ScrapbooksbyKarrilee said...

Wow - you are super busy girl!? Great work! Ya know... I helped one of my bff's paint her basement playroom too - very similar... and then when we painted Kayelyns' room when she was maybe 4 or 5 we painted a big tree on one wall that crawled up onto the other wall and the ceiling... and a sun that was on the ceiling partway as well... we've since painted her room twice - but you can still see the shadow of the sun a little! Hated to paint over it... how fun!