Friday, May 29, 2009

May09 Cards #21-34

This is a card i got in a swap...It was just paper taped on the front and a stamp inside. I decided to add to it. I think it turned out cute!

This is a card i made with paper and stamped image from a swap. I love how it went together!

This also is a stamped image and paper from a swap. How cute is that stamp?!?!

These 2 are preprinted cards that i added to. I added ribbon and the stamped image.

I made 5 of these cards for a swap. It was a take on a card that was in Card Creations magazine.

These are 3 more that were made on preprinted cards. It is amazing what little it takes to make them look nicer!!

These 2 Hello's were from a stamped image swap. how funny that i am now using them for a card swap?!?!