Monday, March 2, 2009

March09 LO's #1-2

I am so excited to be doing more pages from Micah's Baby days!! It is so fun to look back on these pictures and see how small he was!

The 1st page is his 1st Easter. It is also a Sketch challenge that i did. It also is for a challenge on using embellishments that have been sitting around a long time!!

The second page is just him crying. I loved the outfit that he is in. My mother gave him a ton of items from this line from Carter's. it was called Dog Gone Cute!


Anonymous said...

It is lovely
pci compliance

Michele said...

I love the embellishments you used on the first page. Poor boy crying in the 2nd page and you just take pics...what a scrapper mom you are!! hehehehe :-) jk

vanron said...

Cute LO's!!! We also took pics of our son crying! I also love the embellishments on the Easter page!

Adrienne said...

I thought I was the only one to take pix of my babies because they had on a cute outfit!! I take the pix crying and all just so I can take a pix of the baby in the outfit!