Thursday, December 4, 2008

More Sewing...

I was able to get more sewing done today!!  I am so glad.  I got 3 more dresses made for Christmas.  I just wish that i could post pictures, but my computer is still not fixed!!  I am up to 6 outfits/dressese for each of my girls.  I have more i want to make too.  I am set to make 3 more outfits for them.  I am hoping to get working on them tonight.  I would love to have at least 10 or more sets/dresses/items made for them each!!  Then after the 1st of the year i am going to make some to sell!!!

I also got all my sewing done for Church.  I was sewing 9ft long panels for the gym to put up on padded boards for sound absorption.  I did 11 of these.  I am glad to have them done and passed back to the person doing the rest!


Kay aka kdedid said...

I guess with your computer down it leaves you more time to work on your crafts and sewing! You have really been busy. Can't wait to see pictures! Thanks for the comments on the cards. I looked at Karrilee's blog - big mistake. How can she be so productive and good? But it is her job and mine is just a part time hobby. Maybe one day I'll get more creative. Have a good Wednesday!!