Friday, October 24, 2008

Outfit for American Girl 18" doll

This is my 1st Doll outfit that i have made!! I think it came out really nice. I am making doll clothes for my 2 girls for Christmas! I think they will love these. It only took 4 hours and i did the rick rack for the 1st time ever. I am going to try to make a bunch of outfits now that i know it is so simple!


Michele said...

Very cute!! I love the different pieces, makes it so fun! You should try to do some to sell for sure!

ScrapbooksbyKarrilee said...

Too cute!!! Great job! I would definitely look into ebay or etsy and see if it would be worth your time... I am sure the more you make - the faster they will go too! (at least by a little bit!)

Scrap On!

Tracy said...

That is TOO CUTE!!! Great job!

Jo said...

that is so cute & I am sure it will put a big smile on your little one's faces.

Also like your cards/l.o. & post-it notes.

Denice aka: Dedelicious said...

Very cute! What little girl wouldn't love to dress their doll in that cute outfit? I can't wait to see more of the doll clothes that you're making....keep us posted!