Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tri-Fold Thank you card

BOY, this does not look even. It really is. It is a thank you card for an aunt. She gave the kids money for Christmas. We used it to buy our cat. We are going to send a picture with it!!

I love how this one came out. I am sure they will get even better as i do more.

LO #21-24

LO #21 - This is the last of 4 pages from Abby's school winter party. These are friends from her class working on craft projects. I just used scraps from the other pages to make this one!!

LO #22-23 - This was made from a page kit from a group i am on. I loved the colors and thought black made a great background. Not sure what pictures i am going to use, but i am sure i will find some!!

LO #24 - This is also from a page kit. It is also 52 in 52, week 8 sketch challenge. I love how it came out. I can not wait to get pictures. I am sure we will get some firefly "bug" pictures this summer!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Tri-Fold Card

This is a card for a 1 to 1 swap. It is the 1st one of these i have made. The pictures are, the outside, then the inside. I think it came out cute. Very easy. I may try more cards in the future.

New Squash album

This is the new squash album I made last night. I like these a lot. Very quick to make. I think I may make some for gifts soon. The other one i have in a post was one i made years ago.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

These are just a few pictures i took the other day. I thought i would share them with everyone. I think the flowers turned out cool. I just thought that the flamingo was in an interesting position, trying to get something to eat!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Embellishment clips

These are 2 embellishment clips that i put together for a challenge. They are so cute. now i just have to find a layout for them!

This is my Explosion Box. It is not yet done. I am hoping to keep working on it.

LO# 19-20

LO#19 - This is page 2 in 4 pages from Abby's Kindergarten Winter party. They made reindeer out of pretzels and marshmallows. This is also week 1 of 52 in 52.

LO#20 - This is Page 2 in this set. This is Week 7 in 52 in 52. This is also the Embellishment challenge to use an embellishment in a new way. I have never used Chipboard shapes as journaling spots!

Monday, April 21, 2008

A Wed Idea?

This is an idea for a group i am on. We are doing different techniques and ideas each Wednesday. I did this a long time ago when i just started scrapping. I thought i would bring it back!! It is very easy and does not take a lot of paper!!

You use 3 sheets of 6x6 pattern paper, then 6 squares of 3x3 cardstock. You will need another square smaller than 3x3 for the front embellishment, 1 brad, small piece of embroidery DMC floss or other thin string or yarn. Then, whatever you are going to use to embellish it.

I can not wait to make an updated one. This one is from about 6 years ago!! I will put it up when i do!!

WHAT DO YOU THINK OF IT??? It is great for school pictures or sports pictures!!

License Plate for 1 to 1 swap...

I thought this came out really cute. I am going to have to make one for me!! I made this for a group that i am on. We are doing 1 to 1 swaps. We are learning new things or trying them again. We make them and then swap with another person. It is a lot of fun!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

LO# 17-18

#17 - This LO does double duty! It is a sketch challenge and a color challenge for 2 different sites. I made the black edged by using a Fiskars punch. I really like how it cam out!!

#18 - This is for a sketch challenge. I am going to do the other 3 pages that go with this soon.

Swap Items I made...

2 Iris foldings that i made for a swap. I love how the cross came out!!

These matchbooks are for a LOVE swap. I think they are really cute!!


#12-15 are also for a swap that i am in. it is a sketch swap. I can not wait to see the ones i get back!!

This is a Challenge LO. It was a lot of fun to think about! Averbs in a title are a tough one, but doable!!


#7-11 - These are LO's for a swap that i am in.

83 pages down, 167 to go...

I am not doing too bad on getting pages done, just not often enough. I did none in March!! I have to get a move on again. I need to really get caught up on my scrapping!!

Well, better get down and get more done!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


#6 - This is a page for a challenge also. We had to scrap with a paper piecing on the page. The pig was made by a friend, Kristy, on a scrap group. I loved it and could never figure out where to put it. I came across these pictures from a visit when i was 17 to my Aunt's Hog farm. It worked great!!


#5 - This is made from a page kit that was made for me.

#3 & 4 - These are pages i bought a long time ago that were already made. I just added pictures and the words!!

#2 - This is for a sketch challenge (week4). It is also an embellishment challenge to find something unique for a flower center. I used a bottle cap with a little bling.

#1 - This is an 8x8 page. It will go in an album for a friend that has breast cancer. She was my DD's basketball coach. It was also for a weekly challenge. It was scrap a quote.