Monday, March 30, 2009

Cute Giraffes!

These are a couple Giraffes that i cut from Zooballoo. I did them for people that asked me for them. I can not believe how cute these little guys are!! I also did pink ones but the pictures of them just did not show up as them being pink, so i did not post them!!

Card #14 March 2009

This is a birthday card that i made for dd's friend for a birthday party. I made this in about 5 minutes. I made it to match the bag and tissue paper that we used. It was Lime green and yellow. Funny thing is, it did not get put in the bag and it is still in my purse. Maybe next Sunday when we see her at church, we will remember to give it to her!!!

March09 LO#13

This is a funny LO as you can not really see Micah. He is in the sling i am carrying. This is the only pic that i have that he is in at all. I wanted this LO for him though, because he was there for it!!

I stamped the cardstock as i had not paper that was going to work on this LO. I like how it came out. I was worried about red and green looking like Christmas, but using Lime green helped!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Cupcake for Abby's Birthday

These are the cupcake for Abby's party, in the bottom picture. The top were extras that the girls and i decorated together for fun. The bottom ones are in the silicone baking cups. I thought they were so cute at the store the other day, i had to buy them!! Hope they come out as i forgot to spray them with Pam!!

Card #8-13 March 2009

These are a set of cards i did for a swap. I love this paper. It is Studio 8 Blooming Collection. It was on clearance the last time i went to the LSS. I am so excited how they came out. Hope everyone likes them!!

March09 LO #9-12

Some more of my little one that just turned 4 this week! I am finally making a dent in the pictures for his album.

Cards #7 March 2009

This is a card i made for dd's Friend for her birthday! This little girl is into the skull/crossbones thing. I found this paper on clearance in the Halloween stuff. I thought it came out cute. I made it in about 2 minutes in a rush before the party!!

March09 LO #8

Well, Darn! This is sideways and i just do not feel like changing it. Sorry!!

This is a picture i took at a girl scout outing. I just thought it was so pretty and these papers have been sitting here waiting for a picture (literally, sitting on my desk together). So here it is.

Friday, March 6, 2009

March09 LO #7

This is another LO from today. This is the morning i went in to have Micah!! This was a simple LO, but i like how it came out!!

March09 LO #6

This is yet another baby pic from almost 4 yrs ago!! LOL!! At least i am cruising on them now!! This is just a super cute one of him sleeping!! These letters i made when stencils were the big thing. I always liked them, finally a LO to use them on!

March09 LO #5

This is a LO using items i got in a swap!! I think it turned out cute. I got these items YEARS ago!! I can not believe i am finally starting to use the items up!! YEAH ME! This is ds when he was almost 3months old! So cute!!

March09 LO's #3-4

These are of my baby shower for my son. He is about to turn 4!! I am way behind on his pictures. So this month, this is what i am focusing on!! I love the saying on Page 2. This is what it says "Angels sing sweet lullabies as each star falls to earth. We thank the Lord for you precious child as we celebrate your birth". I thought this was perfect for his shower. He was already 2 months old when this shower was given.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Organizing swap items...

Okay. Most of the items i get go into the boxes i posted before by theme. If there is no theme...I have a drawer in a file cabinet if they are by color!! See pics! If they are a kit that has no theme, there is a box for that and they are put in there in baggies.

I tend to not get rid of much that i get from swaps as my girls can use them if they are not my style.

I really need to do something with these! I keep forgetting they are here!! LOL!!

Cards #1-6 Mar09

This is just a card i made with rubons that i had lying around. I thought it would be cute. I wanted to punch all the way around the burgandy, but once i did one side, i liked it this way!!
This is the 4th card of Sympathy that i did for a PIF. I hope she likes it!! I got the stamped cross in a stamped image swap! I LOVE IT!!.
This is a set of 4 that i made for a swap! The flower paper is from the $1 section at target! The stamp is a new $1 one from Joanns that i just got! I had fun making these! I do not usually stamp in much else but black and brown, so this was new doing it in white!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

March09 LO's #1-2

I am so excited to be doing more pages from Micah's Baby days!! It is so fun to look back on these pictures and see how small he was!

The 1st page is his 1st Easter. It is also a Sketch challenge that i did. It also is for a challenge on using embellishments that have been sitting around a long time!!

The second page is just him crying. I loved the outfit that he is in. My mother gave him a ton of items from this line from Carter's. it was called Dog Gone Cute!

Feb09 LO #3-4

These are of Micah as a little Baby. I am so far behind on his that i have started to focus on his baby pictures. It seems so long ago!! Thank you Shirley for the great bear on this page. I got it a long time ago, finally got to use it!!


Here are my goals for this month. Let's see what i accomplish this month. The last 2 have not been too good!!

1. 31 LO'sgy
2. 25 cards
3. Try something new
4. finish organizing, keep straightened
5. Sell or get rid of all the rest of my scrap stuff!!